Quality, not quantity, is our measure.

We are a professional canyoning agency based in Bovec, Slovenia.

About us

We are Waterfallfreaks. Canyoning is our way of living, our passion, our love. About seven years ago, we made the decision to give up our ordinary lives and started to do what we love. Many believe we are “freaks”, looking for a quick thrill jumping down waterfalls. But canyoning is about much more than that. You are there in the heart of nature, in a place that not many have been before, facing the elements and feeling pure happiness. That is what canyoning really is about.

With us, you will experience canyoning the way it is supposed to be done. You will become part of the canyoning team. We are not trying to run down the canyon as fast as possible and take a huge number of people into the canyons. Rather we take our time to explain everything about this beautiful sport and enjoy it. On top of that, in the advanced canyons, we will teach you how to abseil down the waterfall on your own. Unlike other companies, who take bigger groups and are tighter on time, we are happy to spend more time with you and give you the complete canyoning experience. Do not hesitate, to join us and let us share our passion with you. Become a Waterfall Freak too!

(Be warned – places are limited. To keep a high standard in both the quality and safety of the experience, we take a maximum of eight people into the canyon at a time.)

More than 6000 people guided
7 years of experience
More than 30 unique canyons done
Canyoning in 6 different countries


Most of the canyons are located in the Soča Valley, in the heart of the Slovenian Alps. The turquoise water and green mountains will take your breath away with their beauty.

Check out our local guide on Instagram to see some amazing photos of this place: https://www.instagram.com/socavalley/

The Team

We are a small company, our team consists of great people and outdoor enthusiasts. All of us are specialized in different fields, but everyone is highly dedicated to providing you with the best canyoning experience you can get.

Martin Klaban

Guide, photographer and editor. He is a cheerful guy and a very experienced canyoneer. On tours he will explain you everything about nature and because of his photographing skill you will always get a great pictures.

Special ability:
Despite his great orientation in canyons, he is person who can get lost in any city.

Fun for evryone
Family activity

Matouš Bahenský

Matouš is guide and he is also responsible for marketing and overall organisation of Waterfall freaks. He is very talkative and is not scared to make a fun of anyone, you will never get bored with him in the canyons.

Special ability:
Despite his love for canyoning, he does not like walking up the hills. But do not worry he will tell it to you during every approach.

The IT guy

Nobody ever seen him, nobody knows how he looks like. We just know his voice from the calls. He is indispensable part of the team, responsible for everything regarding programing and web structure.

Special ability:
Rumors said he is heavy weight lifter and can lift up to 210kg from the ground. Other says he has five cats and three dogs

The IT guy