Multiday canyoning



Multiday Adventures is the best program we can offer and the reason why we started our own company.

Explore the thrilling world of canyoning with our specialized course and holiday program! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, join us solo, with friends, or as a family for an unforgettable adventure. Each day, we'll take you to different canyons, offering increasing difficulty and beauty. Under expert guidance, you'll enhance your skills, progressing from basic techniques to tackling canyons independently.

!WARNING! A minimum of four participants is required to book a multi-day adventure in Slovenia on any given day. However, if your group is smaller than four and you still wish to join, we offer the option to join an open group every Friday. This allows smaller groups or individuals the opportunity to experience our multi-day adventures alongside others.

Why is Multiday better then single canyons?

Guide only for you

Compared to the single-day canyons the guide will be there just for you and no one else. This means that he/she will be after the tour joining you for dinner or lunch tell you some cool stories. Generally, it is a more personal approach, and in three days you will stop being customers and guides and will become part of the team.

Guide only for you


At the beginning of each multi-day course, you'll undergo an extensive two-hour introduction that delves into every aspect of canyoning. From mastering equipment to perfecting techniques like jumping, sliding, and abseiling, we leave no stone unturned. With meticulous attention to detail, we'll guide you through belaying and the importance of hand signals, ensuring you're fully prepared for the challenges ahead. This immersive initiation surpasses the brief introductions of single-day canyoning, providing thorough preparation for the adventures ahead.

5+1 special offer

Gather your group of friends for an unforgettable adventure with our special 5+1 offer! Pay for five participants and bring a sixth member along for free. Alternatively, enjoy a complimentary rafting experience as a bonus for your group.

5+1 special offer

Místo setkání

Predelica meeting point


Meeting point

Meeting point: (, It is a wooden hut behind the base of Hungaro raft there is a wooden arrow saying "Rombon" on the fance.



Close parking: Mercator (290m = 4 min walk) (paid)

It is also possible to drive with own car to the canyons.

Starting time

Every day 9AM and 3PM. If you prefer different times feel free to contact us.


Overall duration of canyoning tour to Predelica is around 4,5h. Driving to the canyon location (30min), walking from parking to canyon (30min), canyoning itself (3h), returning to the base (30min)

What to bring?

Swimming suit and towel.